Suggested Video Use

Caregivers of booster-aged children are a particularly difficult population to reach because they often do not consider their children to be of “safety seat” age.  Therefore, they don’t typically attend safety-seat checkup events. Nor do they view booster seat videos, websites, or brochures on their own. For this reason, we try (when possible) to find ways to show the video to parents rather than just giving them a copy.

The Boost ’em in the Back Seat video can be best utilized and shown to parents by partnering with professionals who regularly interact with parents of 5-12-year-old children.

For example, previous partner sites have opted to show the video during the wait-times (in the main waiting area or in exam rooms) at healthcare agencies. Other partners have incorporated the video into their safety training for professionals and/or parents. Hospital partners have integrated the video into the closed feed so that the video can be delivered with other health television programs and be shown to patients during hospital stays.

See the sidebar for additional resources you may wish to use with the video.

See our related publication regarding dissemination of the video:  Will, K. E., Dunaway, K. E., Kokorelis, D., Sabo, C. S., & Lorek, E. (2012). Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting Booster-Seat Use: Progressive Dissemination of a High-Threat Message. Health Promotion Practice, 13 (6), 772-778. (doi:10.1177/1524839910393279).